She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you ever done anything so drastic?

I'm finding lately I'm overwhelmed by my closet. There is TOO much in there! I can't decide on what to wear. I purchased many things in this past year that really weren't "me". I would see something on someone else in the blog world, looked darling on them and I convinced myself I needed it too. Um, not a good practice because then you end up with stuff you don't wear because you are not comfortable in it! Then I bought too many things just because they were a good deal (my ever present flaw!)

I'm thinking I'd do better to just buy a few items I really love, even at full price, and keep things simple.

Which brings me to my question. Have you ever made such a drastic move, where you got rid of tons in your closet and just stuck with a few basics? Pieces you loved, that you felt good wearing and were comfortable in? Of late, every time I wear something and I spend any time pulling, tugging or repositioning, when I get home, it goes in the Goodwill bag.

My style is classic- I love pieces that can stand the test of time. I am not good with trendy, and look much better in simple. What to do, what to do???


  1. you should do a blog sale...that would be awesome :) i know what you mean tho, following the blogging community has convinced me to buy way more in the last yr than i usually do as my goal this coming yr is to *only* buy what i love! it's a really tough goal for me, but i'm determined to stick to it! have a great evening :0)

  2. I have a small closet so I clean it out a few times a year. I get rid of any thing that I don’t wear or that I know one of my sisters or friend would like more then me. I also have a pile of things that I can use to sew something new with. I think that it feels so nice to have a clean closet and it makes me feel better about getting rid of the pieces that I thought I would love if I give then a new home.
    I usually pack up the clothing and set it aside for a few weeks before I get rid of it. If I don’t dig it back out within that time I won’t miss it. Good luck to you, I think you will love it.

  3. If opening your closet to pick out an outfit for the day leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, it's definitely time to get rid of the items that you never choose.

    Wild Flower has a great idea with doing a blog sale! I'm sure you have fantastic things that other people would love to take off your hands for you. And that way you know they'll be loved by someone else.

    You don't have to wear trendy pieces just because they're trendy. If you feel better in classic pieces, stick with classics and if you HAVE to wear something trendy, make it a piece of jewelry rather than an entire dress or shirt. Trends only look good if the person wearing them feels good in them.

    Don't make yourself be uncomfortable for a trend. You're beautiful all by yourself, you don't need trends. Get rid of the things you're not comfortable in and stick with the classics you love. It may not look like much but if you try to think outside the box and get creative, I'm sure you can come up with a bunch of new ways to wear your classics.

    This was a really long comment...sorry!

  4. I make Goodwill piles a few times a year. Then my husband doesn't drop off the bag for a few weeks and I start picking through it again and taking stuff out. My goal is to have things that I love but sometimes you just need some boring basics too!

  5. Simplify!!! Always a good way to feel refreshed and in charge of life again!