She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I wanted to wear my new cool Target boots today, and I built this outfit around them, but when I tried on the boots, they had big cuts in the inside and made the lining smash all down! So I will have to return them! They are Steven Madden knock-offs, so hopefully I can find another pair. Wahhh.

Shirt: Anthro Poppy Meadows
Cardi: Anthro
Jeans: ON Diva Skinny
Boots: Union Bay

Love these colors - fallish!


  1. That top is really pretty and too bad about your boots. I like these ones too so you recovered nicely! LOL

  2. I wonder if that top is made from Liberty fabric? It sure is pretty!


    I hate it when something tragic happens to clothing. Your poor Target boots. Boo!

  3. You look so perfectly comfy and fall-ish in that sweater! I love it! I really like the floral print in the top too, so pretty.

    That stinks about the boots! I hope you can find some new ones too!

  4. I really like the outfit..........fallish but still bright and summer looking too. OK, I didn't make any sense. sorry.

  5. Love the colors in your blouse! I wear cardis practically everyday so it's great to see different things to pair with the colors I own. Thanks for the inspiration =)

  6. that totally stinks about the target boots!! nothing is worse than having a kink in an outfit plan!

    I love that sweater! I need to wear my mine.

  7. Cute :) sorry to hear about your boots--good luck finding another pair!

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