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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOTD- All Wrapped Up!

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In the "spirit" of the holiday, I took my OOTD with a Mummy! He's my buddy.

Dress: Simply Vera Wang
Cardi: Old Navy
Boots: Sears
Necklace: Ross
"Come on, give us a kiss!" (Line from Sweeney Todd, the play in which I was Mrs. Lovett in high school. The entire script is etched in my memory forever.)
I have a great fashion story to tell you friends.

I am in line at the grocery. This man (yes, I said man) stops me and says "Where in the world did you get those cute boots?" I am flabbergasted, yet so excited that someone in the grocery is appreciating fashion! This guy was a manly man, yet dressed to the nines. So, I didn't want to answer where bought them but had to say, "Um, Sears!" He said, "You are kidding? No way, they are so cute, all that detail. Where were they made?" I said "I have no idea!" Then he said "Well, just tell people they are Italian!" Then he proceeded to tell me about his secret of shopping Nordstrom Rack and that he got his Armani shoes for $250! I said "No!!!" We exchanged shopping stories, then got our groceries and parted ways! A kindred "spirit" at the grocery - who knew?

Today after school my son showed me an experiment on Kinetic and Potential Energy. What? Obviously my kids are smarter than me! That's homeschooling for ya!

Kinetic energy is one half times the mass times the velocity squared. Kinetic energy = 1/2mv2. Potential energy is the mass times gravity times the height. Potential Energy = m*g*h. Conservation of energy states that Ki + Pi = Kf + Pf.


  1. That math problem makes my head hurt. I'd rather swap fashion stories like you did at the grocery store lol. Have a great evening!

  2. Hahaha, I second Patina with the math headaches! Your pictures are too cute, and I LOVE that you found a kindred spirit at the grocery store! And his advice to just tell people that your awesome boots are Italian is hilarious! Love it!

  3. What a funny story, and of all places at the grocery store. And I like his advice, LOL! You look so cute Peggy!

  4. So great that some random guy appreciates fashion!! I cannot believe your son figured that out, I can't!!

  5. Those boots are really cute. I can see why he commented on them.

  6. Love your picture posing buddy. I may just have to check out Sears. It's been awhile. Maybe the one in Bakersfield has changed. You have a Mathematician on your hands.


  7. I love those boots too! You look fantastic!