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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am not my clothes..................

(Thankful Through November -The 3rd!)

After reading Bonnie's post a few weeks ago about someone criticizing her on Facebook regarding her blog, my mind has been spinning. It's hard for me understand why people level criticism at others. Many times, people criticize others because they feel badly about something in themselves and they project these negative feelings about self onto others. Saying she was a bad mother because she is interested in fashion is a huge leap.

Through the years, I've heard criticism leveled at Christian sisters because they had an interest in fashion. It is automatically assumed that these sisters are worldly and materialistic. Can one not be a Christian and be interested in fashion? Are the two mutually exclusive?

What about Queen Esther in the Bible? She spent a year in "beauty treatments" in preparation to meet the King! A whole year of being at the "spa", in an effort to make herself beautiful.

The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 was clothed in fine linen and purple.

The Christian woman should follow the principles found in these verses regarding dress:
I Tim. 2:9-10
I Pet. 3:3-4
Rom. 12:2
I Tim. 4:12

I can't find anything written in the Bible that would make interest in fashion wrong unless it included the following:

1. Wearing fashions or trends that are immodest. The world would say "If you got it, flaunt it!" That is not the sentiment of the Christian. Sometimes people confuse modesty with being frumpy or being fashionable. You can be both modest and fashionable.
2. Spending money you don't have on clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. and going into debt for it (not being a good steward of God's blessings.)
3. Spending too much time on fashion pursuits (shopping, finding sales, reading blogs, reading magazines) making your life out of balance.
4. Spending more time on fashion that on spiritual pursuits.

Why is it we criticize someone whose hobby is fashion, but label virtuous the woman who quilts, or knits or gardens? Aren't we presuming a lot when we think clothes are all she is about?

Many women write blogs about fashion. My blog is about fashion for less, dressing well and modestly without breaking the budget. Hopefully, I can help people find affordable fashion choices or share something they previously did not know about to add to their closet. My blog only shows one dimension of myself. The fact that I take 30 minutes a day to post a photo and write a few words is not indicative of what my life is about. It is simply what this blog is about.

It's easy to sit back and judge others in the blog world. God help us to put the best light on all situations and look for the good in others instead of being quick to criticize!

Therefore, today, I am thankful for those who encourage and not criticize!


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Peggy! I face criticism about the way I dress often, especially where I work. To jump to conclusions about someone's morals and beliefs because of an outward appearance is incredibly judgmental.

  2. A resounding AMEN! I really love that you clarified what your blog is about vs. what your LIFE is about - I feel the exact same way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Peggy, they were definitely an encouragment to me!

  3. Wow! Well said! I wish I had more people like you in my life!

  4. It is so hard to face criticisms on your blog, fb, wherever, because of a passion for something you love that others don't get.

    Peggy your love for fashion for less, dressing decently, and felling good on the inside and outside is a Christian pursuit in that how can you be your best self for God if you are a miserable shell?

    I let those who want to pass judgment on me do the end, I will save face by not judging them for judging me. (Does that make sense?)

    You are an inspiration, please keep it up! ;)

  5. Yo go girl! AMen sista! I cannot for the life of me figure out why people criticize others for liking's a hobby just like anything else!

  6. Ugh, I can't believe someone actually made the absurd assumption that just because someone cares about fashion that he/she is a bad parent or person in general. That is so unfounded and petty. You are absolutely correct -- we bloggers spend 30 minutes to an hour on our blogs each day, and that's it. We are not our blogs. We have lives outside of our blogs and what our blogs focus on. Why is that so difficult to comprehend?!

    And why are some people so mean?!

  7. IT kills me! If you don't like what someone blogs about then don't read it. And certainly don't wast your time insulting them.

    I think your blog is lovely.

  8. Jesus said it perfectly in Luke 6:42 How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
    I have been criticized by Anon's for the same reason. I refuse to listen or allow it to hinder me from what I enjoy doing. I know who I am in Christ. I pray that those who READ the fashion blogs, then criticize people who they do not know, will come to find the grace and freedom to enjoy the abundant life that Christ died for us to have. I, too, think those who read, then criticize are hypocrites. Furthermore, I don't think any of us in a positon to cast stones (John8:3-10) I wonder what Jesus would write on the ground about those who stand around and condem/criticize other people. I thank Him for saving me and for the grace that He has given me.

  9. Well said Peggy. The one who points the finger always has four fingers pointing back at themselves.

  10. Love it, Peggy... your thoughts are great! I enjoyed reading and always love when people throw something out on their blog that is 'real life' and personal to them. It seems like it is so easy to judge or criticize another vs take the time to say something encouraging or uplifting to them! Food for thought...

  11. I have to agree. I think at first, I felt somewhat guilty when I started trying to dress better, maybe because it requires more time, money, and effort - things that could all be spent helping my family instead. I felt...selfish, I guess. But, now I realize that when I care more how I look, I'm happier and healthier mentally. I feel confident and capable. And those are all lessons I'm trying to teach my children in the first place, right?

    (I do still tend to get a little out of balance with the shopping, researching sales, and blog reading sometimes!) ;)

  12. Thanks for this post. I often feel looked at as being worldly because I like fashion. I agree with you that as long as that isn't who we are but a part of who we are it isn't wrong.

    Have a great day!

  13. Well said, Peggy. I have had the very same conversations myself.
    May I re-post, giving you credit?

  14. thanks for all your comments everyone! I appreciate the thoughts and insight from others! Modernmom - sure you can and thank you!

  15. Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!