She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Through November - The 2nd!

Today I am thankful for Giveaways!!

Yea! Here is a picture of all my loot I got from Lori at LoriSpeak! It's all fabulous and the Bad Girl Lash works wonderfully! I am excited to take my Anthro Gift Card and make a sale purchase- so it will make it a real bargain for me!!

Thank you Lori for the wonderful package!


  1. I can't wait to see what your pick out with the giftcard - how fun! And I really love your Thankful in November theme - you have a beautiful heart to match your outfits Peggy!

    P.S. - ten bucks for the Blue Book Blouse, that is the deal of the century!!!

  2. Congratulations on your gratitude. I love your idea of posting things you are thankful for.

    Be sure to let us know what you use your giftcard on!

  3. What a fun giveaway to win and you got some great booty! Congrats! And knowing you you'll get some awesome score at anthro! ;)

  4. What a WONDERFUL giveaway!!! I can't wait to see your sale scores because I know that GC will be put to good use!!! PS- did I ever mention that I got the sugar coated dress because I loved it on you so much!?