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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful Through November - The 15th!

One day, when my husband had to take our other children to soccer out of town, I stayed in town and took my youngest son to his game. Afterwards we came upon this game and he loves football so we went!
It was lots of fun. This kid loves anything with a ball, or wheels, or the outdoors! Here we are at the game.
It's hard to believe almost 11 years have passed since I found out I was having twins - what a shocker! I was thrilled - so happy! He is one of the two. I believe there is nothing this kid can't accomplish -he is full of dreams and hope and promise and great ideas! He is my "one-liner" kid. He has come up with so many funny things!

When he was really little he would climb into my lap and say "It's time for the Snuggle Shop to Open!" One night while making his way to bed when he was 5, he stopped to hug me and said "Come into these arms Mama!"

When he was about 3 he kept bugging me to have an Oreo cookie before dinner. I kept saying no. This was the dialogue:

Will: "Can I have an Oreo?"
Me: "No."
Will: "Can I have half an Oreo?"
Me" "No."
Will: "Can I have a quarter of an Oreo?"
Me: "No."
Will: "Can I have a bite of an Oreo?"
Me: "No."
Will: "Can I have a teeny, tiny mouse crumb of an Oreo?"
Pretty clever for a 3 year old! Gotta give him points for persistance! I tell him he will end up getting a girl to marry him because he will drive her nuts and wear her down until she says "Yes!"

Just the other day I was talking to him about work. I said "Now when you grow up, you want your boss to know you are a hard worker and you want him to value you as an employee. You want to always do your best and impress the boss right?"
He answered with a classic Will line, "Mom, I'm not going to have a boss, I'm going to BE THE BOSS!"

I love this boy who from day one was my snuggly little Willie. He would look up at me with eyes so huge and black, just quietly taking in the whole world and thinking. He hasn't changed much since then, still taking it all in and thinking, dreaming and planning for his future - and I'm so thankful for all he brings to our world!


  1. I guess I didn't realize you had cool! I love these thankful posts you've been doing...they're such agreat reminder that we should be so grateful for everything we have all the time! =)

  2. Who has twins and looks that good!?

  3. Hey Peggy! Guess who? What beautiful thoughts about your son. Encourages me to appreciate all the unique things that make my kids special.

  4. Most people don't realize they are twins because they don't look alike!

    Tricia! Thank you!! So sweet!!

    Who are you BabyBrnls???

  5. The Oreo dialogue had me cracking up!

    That reminds me though ... before I left on my trip I had a whole bag of Oreos waiting for my return and I don't see them anymore. Ack, BF ...