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Saturday, November 13, 2010

OOTD-The Goddess Amphitrite smiles on me!

I seriously can't believe the good fortune I've had of late at Anthro with sale items! This one even has a story!

I went the other day to check out the sales and didn't find much. I was standing in line with a Headwaters Tee in red - Demi Lovato rocking the tee HERE, and this lady comes up from behind me and just goes to the register (i.e. cuts the line as we used to call it in grade school). The SA looked at me apologetically and said "I'll be with you in a moment." I said "No problem" and just chatted with Maggie while we waited.

Then I saw it, she removed the Amphitrite Cardigan from her return bag. I was sizing up the woman doing the return to see if she looked my size. I KNEW this sweater had to be on final markdown by now and I had wanted it so much at full price and still couldn't swing it at it's $70 sale price. I was squeezing the circulation out of Maggie's arm at this point and couldn't ask the SA quick enough if I could buy the cardi! She said "Sure" and I ran to try it on - it fit, but still had the $128 price tag on it so I wasn't quite sure of the price. I asked her to check it, held my breath, crossed my fingers......................$29!!! Sold! I let out a squeal, entertained the SA with my reaction and went on my merry way with my cardi!!

The Greek Goddess Amphitrite
smiled on me that day!

Look at the cute little seahorse in the coral and cool ruffle trim! The details are truly what sets Anthropologie apart from any other store out there!
And why I love it so much!!

So don't despair if you think you can't afford Anthro - neither can I! Just have a ton of patience and in due time, you will get some pieces you love!


  1. Shut up with your bad self! You are crackin' on the deals! Keep your eye out for that kind of stuff for me. PLEASE! I don't have an Anthro in my city, so I have to go 2 hours to Richmond or order online. I will even give you my cell so that if something falls in your lap in my size, you can call me. :)

  2. Girl! Seriously email me your info! I would love to keep an eye out for you!!

  3. Holy crap!! What an awesome score!!!

    Congrats!! And it looks fabulous on you!!

  4. Wow Peggy! Your new cardi looks so cute on you! Yay for such a deal! ;)

  5. alright Peggy, if I didn't consider you a friend, I *might* not like you! :) ha ha ha! Just kidding!
    Boy, the deals you get are unreal. You're patience definately pays off. You've found some major things that not only look good on you but are wallet friendly, too!

  6. Peggy, I love that. I guess it was OK for her to "cut" in front of you, right? You snagged an awesome deal. Which Anthro do you shop at?

  7. Peggy,

    Great score story!

    That Cardi is still in my Wish List. The colors are so beautiful. And well the print is amazing. You make it look gorgeous with jeans. Lucky you for finding one at just the perfect moment.

    Anyway! I have no store to visit. So no hope I will ever get one. May on eBay.

  8. You were at the right place at the right time. Congratulations!!!

  9. That was like the deal of the CENTURY!!! And you totally rocked it when you wore it in the picture. I love it and now think I must give Anthro another try with a bit more patience this time. Maybe I need to chant "Peggy did it, I can do it" lol Hmmm we look a similar size....So if you need to get rid of it....LOL

    Keep on shopping and blogging!

  10. Yes the SHOPPING GODS were smiling on the GODDESS--"She Hath Done What She Could"--with big smiles of contentment! ;)
    You look gorgeous in this!

  11. oops BTW I would LOVE to see this with a Melon Tee!!!

  12. Peggy, Showed up crazy late to check out the Tucker 75% off, but guess what I scored today at Target.....

  13. Great idea on the melon tee!! I will try it!

    Modernmom - nooo, did you get the coat???? You must tell me! Dying of suspense!!