She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogging at the Beach!

Amazing, technology these days! I have completed 3 miles of my 6 mile bike ride and the kids came with me and wanted to stop for a quick play at the beach before our teacher arrives today. Here I sit, in almost 70 degree weather, taking in the beauty. We've come a long way baby!
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  1. What a great way to spend the day! I don't mind exercise when it comes with a view (and weather) like this one!

  2. Amazing! And I echo the other commenters -- this must've been such an amazing way to start the day!

  3. Peg...I can't believe you get to see this kind of beauty everyday....SO envious, I confess!! Good for you and your exercise goals!! I miss you!!

  4. So jealous here, sounds like a wonderful day!