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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Healthy Gem found at Costco!

On my last trip to Costco I was delirious to feast my eyes on this Gaba Rice by Tru Roots! (I also buy their organic quinoa.) Oh happy day! I have been researching and reading about Gaba rice for over a year, and it's so hard to find. When you do find it, it's hyper expensive! And making it yourself is quite a chore. So I brought home a bag of this goodness and I'm good to go for several meals.

You must read the benefits of Gaba Rice
The research on Gaba rice is relatively new, but it looks promising! Here are some of the benefits just to name a few: GABA, the rice’s namesake, acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter that appears to regulate anxiety, sleep, the immune system, and fat metabolism.

Already studies in Japan and the United States indicate that the substances in germinated brown rice improve brain function, can reduce cholesterol, improve kidney function, regulate blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure, reduce the risk of colon cancer, may be beneficial for diabetics, and may act as a preventive for Alzheimer’s disease.

Whoo-hoo! Pass the rice!


  1. Does it taste like rice? I'm a rice freak!

  2. yeppers- just like brown rice but with more benefits!

  3. hmmm...wonder whether our oz supermarkets have this..could be a great substitution for our white jasmine rice!

  4. I'm going to have to check my local costco to see if they carry this.
    I tend to mix my brown with white rice since my kiddos don't like it all brown.
    Do you cook this in a rice cooker?

  5. Jcrew- I just cook mine on the stovetop in a pan but I'm sure it would work in a rice cooker!