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Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm walking on sunshine!!

There is something magical in sunshine and fresh air! I could walk forever. This morning I awoke to glorious weather- 63 degrees, blue skies and sunshine every where- this led to my over 5 mile walk. I feel great! I have 53 miles left to go this month -gotta keep after it at the pace of at least 3.8 a day now.
I was listening to Ephesians chapter 5 this morning as I walked and learned the following advice from Paul:

Be imitators of God
Walk in love
Do not take part in sexual immorality or covetousness
Do not talk crudely
Give thanks
Walk in the Light
Discern what is pleasing to the Lord
Be careful how you walk
Be wise
Make the best use of your time
Understand the will of the Lord
Be filled with the spirit
Sing psalms and hymns and songs, making melody in your heart to the Lord
Give thanks always
Wives, submit to your husband
Respect your husband

Today I am thinking on these things and resolving to do better in the areas where I need work. With the grace of God, I will continue to grow as a Christian. We have the day off for MLK day - our friends are still in town and we are getting In-and-Out Burger for dinner! Fun!

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  1. beautiful advice from St. Paul. I actually cut and pasted this, because I wanted to remind my children of his wise words, and then realized wait! I am the one who especially needs to work on his admonition of not talking crudely, as I occasionally let a very bad word slip right out of my mouth!

    Have a great day!!!!!