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Sunday, January 2, 2011

OOTD- Mary, Mary, you are looking foxy!

This post is my 2nd entry into "Feminine Fashion Week" over at Natasha's blog! I was so happy to see her do this feature! It would warm your heart to see all the young women who are participating this week. So many girls and young women who are seeking to be pleasing to God in their manner of dress. This to me is rare! So many young hearts, seeking the will of God in their lives -simply wonderful!

I'm sure I am the oldest participant by far, but I wanted the other young ladies to see that there are women out there who want to remain modest in their dress and serve God also. Way to go ladies - you all are great!

My photos are a bit overexposed due to fog, but you can still see the outfit details!

Dress: Anthropologie Mary Dress - free with gift card!
Cardigan: Anthropologie Wily Sweater (foxes on there)- free with gift card!
Tights: Ross
Shoes: Sonoma Oxfords from Kohls $20 on sale

OK, if you don't own this dress- go get it NOW!! (It comes in purple too.) With the extra 25% off, it is around $38 and it is super comfort. I love dresses like this where you can go about your daily routine in comfort, but looking pulled together. That's why I so love a dress! Look at the details - the pockets (see above they are deep front pockets but you can put your hands in at the sides), the buttons on the arm, the waistline, the shoulders - LOVE!
And with my new favorite whimsical animal sweater from Anthro - the Wily Sweater with little foxes all over it! I am ga-ga over this one- the double layer effect is so unique! I love the black on navy. I love the print! I love the preppy quality and the TTS fitting! Yea Anthro on this one.


  1. You know, I HATED that dress on the website, but it looks a lot better on. I was convinced that the large pockets would make my bottom half look larger, but everytime I have seen someone wear it it looks great!

    Also, it is pretty terrific that there are so many young girls trying to dress modestly. I saved the blog for my daughter to check out. She seems to be always dressing tomboyish in an effort to be modest, and hating the results. She says they make all dresses and skirts too short or tight for her now unless she shops in the "old lady" section. (I am guessing I fit in to the "old lady" category...) I hope she can find some inspiration to help her out!

  2. Peggy- CUTE outfits, as usual! I need you to come shopping with me!:) I wanted to let you know that the Cynthia Rowley china is a steal at TJ Maxx! $3.99 for most pieces! I wish I could find some more! Good luck!:) Lori

  3. Ahh, that dress is too cute! And it looks like it's so easy to dress up and dress down. PS Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog - I can't wait to see how you wear the scarf you bought!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  4. I think it's terrific that young ladies today want to dress more modest. The number of girls i saw on NYE dressed in TOO short minis with super high heels...arghhh. It's tacky.
    You look wonderful in the Mary dress Peggy - it's flattering and the fit is perfect. Also love your tights too.

  5. I agree with Ady about the dress - on its own I didn't think much of it, but you (and Carol) have looked so great in yours that I need to revise this dress. You look fab, happy 2011!

  6. What a cute outfit! I love that sweater! I wanted those shoes at Kohl's other day!! I found a size 10 box and when I opened it, there were different shoes in it! I was so mad!! LOL

  7. okay, you are really making me want to go to the store tomorrow before the sale ends to check out this dress! it looks GREAT on you!!!

  8. Amazing buys Peggy. Love your look today.

  9. Oh, I love your dress! It is so cute!