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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Travel plans..........

I am planning on doing some travelling this summer so the kids can spend time with their cousins. They love being together - they Google video chat every week and it will be so fun to let them just have time together.
So I'm in the market for new luggage. I have my eye on this Delsey Luggage because I like the hard side suitcases. An entire set like this would be nice! The bright color would be easy to recognize coming off the conveyer belt.
Does you have any luggage they adore? What do you use?


  1. Ooo, so true about getting a piece of luggage that'd be easy to identify coming out of the baggage claim terminal... I have a plain black one (I hate it) and I always have to check a bunch of other bags to see which one is mine, haha!

  2. Our luggage is called HEYS. It is also hard, and the best part is the 360 degree casters. Makes it easier to get through the airport. We got ours at Marshalls. Love it!

  3. Love the hard side idea...last time we flew to FL the airline had to tape my bag shut on the way home. Guess I did a little too much shopping on vaca and the zipper broke :) ha

  4. I need some new luggage too..these look really sturdy..they always whip mine around at the airport and end up ruining it:(

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