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Friday, January 28, 2011

In Nutrition & Health - Cowboy Beans!

I have been trying to perfect these "Cowboy Beans" since we made a trip to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming this summer. I have never gotten them right.........until last night! Oh this batch tasted soooo yummy!

In this economy, I know everyone is trying to pinch pennies and cut corners on their grocery bill. Dry pinto beans are about as cheap as you can get at 25 pounds for about $14 dollars. Throw in some brown rice (gaba rice even) and you have a complete protein!

Recipe: I threw a bunch of beans into my Lodge dutch oven, soaked overnight in water. Cooked them in 1/2 chicken stock, 1/2 water. About 1/2 way through cooking add a pound of already cooked bacon and chili powder to taste (about 3 tablespoons). Cook until tender.
cowboy beans

I am a HUGE advocate of beans for health, as my mother-in-law, who lived through the depression, grew up on pinto beans. It was a staple in their home. Even when she would arrive home from school hungry, her mama would give her a "little bowl of beans" to hold her until suppertime. My mother-in-law was always healthy and lean growing up, and remained that way throughout her life with healthy eating and daily walking. I believe the beans helped keep her healthy in their own small way.

Read about all that pinto beans contain at the
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  1. I would love the recipe as well!

    I absolutely LOVE beans. I eat them several times a week. They are pretty much my main source of protein these days (that and nuts!)

  2. Yum... This makes me want chili!

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  3. Thanks for the recipe...beans are a favorite at our house. In Texas, we have a line of spices by a company called FIESTA...they make a pinto bean seasoning mix which is wonderful...

  4. This looks like such a delicious comfort food...and with our frigid temps lately - I need that! :)

  5. I love beans! I make them about once a week as a side or in something but really should start doing it more!