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Monday, May 30, 2011

A word about the Anthroholic ban I joined........

Here is my confessional! How did you all do if you joined in Kim's Shopping Ban??

I didn't go whole hog and not buy A THING. But I did cut back and only bought what things I really needed or thought were extra special. I tried not to buy things just because they were cute or a good deal, and the ban really helped me stick to my list.

I got these during the ban:

RJ Girl Anthro-like shoes $15 via ROSS

Merona Navy Trouser - I really needed these especially for work and they were marked down to $7!

NY & Co. floral pleated skirt- I loved this whole line at NY&Co and the skirt got marked to $11 and there was only 1 left in my size! I will wear this to work, church and dressed down for everyday.

Target Pearce Pumps - I have been on the lookout for the perfect pair for over a year, so when I saw these as an online return in my size at $15, I had to bite!

Anthropologie Picked Plaid skirt- I didn't want this one to get away from me on sale - used a gift card and paid $7.

Old Navy Ruffled Sleeveless Henley - I needed a nice white blouse to go under cardis and jackets for work - I had been looking for some time, and this one was on markdown this weekend with extra 50% off, making it $9.


  1. All of these were amazing deals AND extra special.  You GO, girl!

  2. I've done some month-long total clothing shopping bans in the past (and stuck to them, thought it wasn't easy) and found them helpful for making me stop and reflect before I buy. You got some great deals here!

  3. Wow -- this is a great way to break your ban!   All of these items were a total steal, and look like they will be closet workhorses.  I especially love the aqua shoes. So pretty, and definitely Anthro-esque.  

  4. Looks like you got some really cute things and what a bargain shopper you are
    Please don't let husband find out or he will be shipping over to get tips
    Love the anthro skirt

  5. I think I need you to be my personal shopper! 

  6. I love that ruffled henley from Old Navy...that is a great piece for summer or winter.  I might have to check those out :)  I also see your target cardi in the post below...I've been waiting on those to go on sale - yah for $14.99 this week!!