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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dollar Tree Love!

Lately I've been loving me some Dollar Tree! They have had THE best items. Let me say I am always very careful to read anything I buy from The Dollar Tree, especially food to make sure it is made in the USA. I don't buy anything made in China because I worry about toxins! These have been some of our recent scores.

32 Oz. Gatorade - these are more than $2 at the grocery store

2 bottles of Loreal for a dollar! Can you believe? These are about $7 a piece at the drug store.

Check out this Sally Hansen Lip Gloss- I've seen these in the drugstore for $8! Whoot-whoot. This is made in Taiwan, but so are the Sally Hansen Lip Glosses from the drugstore or Target.

Sunflower seeds- we go through these by the boatload during baseball season! These are $2 at the grocery. The only way to get them cheaper is Amazon Subscribe & Save which I actually do for a ton of our food, now I will add these too!

Buds Best Cookies - these are made in the USA - in fact, in Hoover, Alabama, where one of my dearest friends lives!

And my regulars:

Purse tissues


Toothpaste- I look for the one with the largest ounces and ADA stamp!

Hand soap-buy the larger refill size for only a $1 too!

And even more today!! No high-fructose corn syrup, 24 oz. for $1!

Soymilk- I prefer Rice Milk but I use this to make hot chocolate at home for me.

This flaxseed is $6.xx on Amazon right now!!

I always read the size of the product as well and only buy full size. Sometimes at Dollar Tree they will package things to make it look good, but the number of items or ounces included is much less than the grocery store.

Check out Dollar Tree for your basic necessities- you may be surprised at the offerings!


  1. I've never been!!!  I know.  Nuts.  We have one near the kids' school though so I mayb just give it a try one of these days :)  Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. You are good.  I can't go into that store.
    It just has a very weird smell that I can't get over!!
    Makes me wonder where the smell is coming from . LOL