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Monday, May 23, 2011

OOTD- The Color of a Tiffany Box and Trick Photography

The color of this cardi so reminds me of a Tiffany box (not that I've ever gotten one, just seen them on TV)!

Soccer and baseball field wear.

Shirt: Merona
Cardi: Jones of NY via ROSS
Scarf: NY & Co.
Jeans: Liz C.
Shoes: Ariat

We did a bit of garage saleing today and I scored this - it's $85 at Target! It's very substantial and looks like a Pottery Barn!

My son got a little book on trick photography and these are some shots he took.

My daughter really lost her head!

We love baseball!

And today's OOTD
Maxi: Target $5
Jacket: Ross $10
Shoes: Mossimo Gladiators from last year



  1.  LOL, your sons pics are cute! And I love that color of cardi, the scarf looks super  cute with it too!

  2.  Great 'trick' photos! The arm one almost looks real, you don't have 4 you? *Scary music*LOL!I love the last outfit pic! I'm obsessed with max skirts/dresses right now, in fact as I type this my dashboard is loading up pictures of my maxi dress! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3.  I love the photo tricks!!!  And you so need to remedy not getting a Tiffany box!  I love the color of that cardi it's beautiful!

  4. What fun pictures!!! I love that bright turquoise on you and that striped blazer is SO fabulous! I need to go find one!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. Great outfits. :)  I really like the maxi and the sandals.

    That trick photography is hilarious! 

  6. That trick photography is AWESOME!!  And, of course, you are looking great ;)

  7. Hilarious photog trickery!  I would totally agree...the sweater should be named hereafter "the TIffany Box Sweater".  The color is dead-on.

  8. Oh I am too Natasha- great for us modest gals eh?? I am going to check your post out now.

  9. 20th anniversary coming up......maybe a good time?

  10. Oh, maybe you can get one at Ross!  It reminded me of last year's Anthro striped blazer.

  11. What a gorgeous color -- Tiffany blue is one of my all-time favorites. It works for almost everyone, and you look FANTASTIC in it!

  12. I love this jacket from Ross.  I can't believe your garage sale find...I'm sure it will be a great touch in your remodeled home!! :)

  13. lol @ the pictures
     I love that scarf with the blue cardi