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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness Project Week One

Well, I've completed my Happiness Project for week one! The first month I'm focusing on "Energy". So far, so good. I exercised every day, ate "pretty" well (still munching on M&M's-this just won't do) and tackled 3 projects that had been looming over me.

I am keeping up via You Version with my Bible readings. I am cataloging all my notes and recipes and style files via Evernote. I am also "automating" everything I can using my Google calendar. I use Motivated Moms to keep me on track with the "odd" house chores and I am adding them weekly to my Google calendar. I also am planning my menus with recurring events weekly. I feel like by doing these organizing chores on my calendar, I'm saving so much time, because once this year is over, everything will be set to "auto-pilot"! I'm feeling pretty organized and frisky! I would say success for week one.

Now heading into week 2- I'm making a more dramatic commitment to my exercise routine - I'm going to do Power 90 with Tony Horton. For 90 days.....yikes! I think I have set myself up for success- I took all my "before" shots and I picked a Beachbody coach to help me along the way! I want to be accountable to a group. I did P90X a few years ago when I was at my fitness height .It was a super hard workout, but a great one and I love Tony - he is so funny. I'm going to start with the basics and work my way up!

My 3 children are doing it with me. It will be our PE class! I don't know if I had mentioned on the blog, but we decided to leave the soccer scene. It really monopolizes your entire schedule and the games and tournaments on Sunday were just not working out for our family and our commitment to church. Although we loved soccer and our teams and teammates, this is a positive change for our family. I feel like we have so much free time now to spend working out together-these are exciting times!


  1. you are becoming quite the electronic organizational guru!!

  2. This is amazing, Peggy!  It was so awesome to go through my resolution last year, knowing you were doing something similar and that we were on the same page trying to be present in the moments! =)

  3. Good luck with Power 90, girl! P90X was killer and I didn't get very far in it at all!