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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happiness Project Update!

My Happiness Project is going well! I got this little handmade necklace to commemorate my year! It's by Crazy for Handstamping at Etsy! I love it. It reminds me daily to stay on track to reach my goals for 2012.
As you can see by my weight loss ticker, choosing to do Power 90 has paid off - 5 pounds gone! I've just finished week 2 of the workouts and I'm getting stronger day by day. I'm eating 1200 calories and logging them all in My Fitness Pal so I know exactly where I stand and I won't go over. I'm slowly ridding my body of the "junk" I had allowed myself to eat and I'm getting back to where I was 2 years ago with my plant based, whole foods diet (I never strayed from eating plant based, whole foods, just added in a bunch of other unnecessary junk like M&M's and cookies way too often!)

I'm loving Amazing Grass and Amazing Meal. We drink the Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion as a recovery drink after our workout and it's like a chocolate milkshake but full of all the nutrients our body needs! I add the Amazing Grass 15,000 ORAC packet into our Green Smoothies for even more nutrition.

The kids continue to workout with me and eat all their healthy food! We have added a big green salad to our lunch every day and I'm so proud of all of them!

I have 10 days to go in January and I have some other "projects" hanging over me I want to complete - some paperwork and filing in my office. I hope I make it to my goal - I do so procrastinate on undesirable projects!


  1. Great job so far! My hubby and I have been eating too much junk lately and I want to cut back on that and add in more salads too! 

  2. Congrats to you!!!