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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes, just what you need is a Half-Tee!

Just the other day Maggie & I were lamenting the fact that so many of Target's summer dresses have skinny straps. We don't wear spaghetti strap items due to modesty. So, imagine how happy we were when the folks at Half-Tee asked us if we wanted to review their product! And how! We each got to choose the style of shirt we wanted to review.

Maggie opted for the 3/4 length tee in white (they come in many colors!) This is a great option for wearing under tees in the winter for warmth. You get the warmth without the bulk of the longer tee being tucked in! Genius!

Maggie says "I love it! It's comfortable and it really does help with modesty."

We totally saved this Target sundress and made it modest. So thankful for companies who care about the modesty of women and girls!

I choose the long sleeve in white. With this sweater, I needed an under layer for warmth, without the bulk of tucking it into my cotton skirt.

The Half-Tee is perfect under my Refined Cord shirtdress. It's too bulky in the arms for a cardigan so the Half-Tee added the warmth I needed. This dress is also fitted at the waist and there isn't much room for the bulk of an under shirt.

The Half-Tee is a great staple in our wardrobe. It's even reversible depending on what type of neckline you are wearing! They come in many different colors and styles (tee, tank, turtleneck, lace) and can aid any woman in maintaining modesty with some of today's fashions.
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  1. the half t is a great concept
    sometime stuffing all that shirt into pants is just a big pain, plus all of the bunching under the sweater or shirt you wear over top

  2. I love my halftee!! I've been thinking about getting a few more, so maybe I'll use this code! =)

  3. Ooo, I love it with the shirtdress! It makes it look casual, but without looking sloppy. LOVE. Does it ride up at all? I find that to be the issue whenever I layer with long sleeves -- the bottom of the shirt will randomly ride up during the day, which is super annoying after a while. Sigh.