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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OOTD-Snow Leopard!

Roar! I have had some leopard going on this past week - I would like to call it Snow Leopard since it's in the gray family! I am having some serious love for these CAbi Sateen Brees! Who knew pants could be so comfy! I wore these to work today - but I can also see dressing them down for casual wear too. LOVE me some CAbi. I need to become a consultant already. If their home offices were in San Francisco, you can bet I'd be beating their door down to hire me! That would be my dream job! Working for CAbi - but in an administrative role, not so much sales.

Shirt: Jjill (clearance online $10) -my sister turned me on to their sales- super comfs too
Pants: CAbi Sateen Bree
Shoes: Sam & Libby via ROSS - $10
Scarf: Kohl's (old)

Here's my Preacher's Wife outfit from Sunday - my face looks sleepy - to bed too late I guess! This was inspired by looks I see from my blog friend Pam, on her blog, Over 50 Feeling 40!
I often joke I'm Over 40 Feeling 50!

Shirt: Old Navy Leopard Chiffon ($10 sale)
Skirt: Jjill Wearever Long Skirt
Cardi: Calvin Klein via Ross
Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies Angelite Ballet via Ross $12


  1.  I do indeed! Find me at
    I also am married to a minister, although that isn't public knowledge on my blog at the moment. ;)

  2. Love the leopard looks! You look so pretty. ;)
    And what exactly is CAbi? You talk about it/them all the time, but I've never heard of them. Do tell. ;)

  3.  Thanks CCs Cheap Chic!  Oh girl, CAbi is a at home party clothing company I discovered last year!  I went to a friend's party, and then I was hooked.  They release a line every spring and every fall. I think I like it so much because the quality and fit is great and I like that I'm not overwhelmed with choices. Each line they always provide some great staples (think classic white shirt, great jeans) and then some cute trendy pieces (think bright jeans and bohemian tunics).  Everything mixes and matches well from previous seasons.  You buy it through a consultant and they do have a few outlets where you can last seasons items too. Do you have a blog?

  4. Oh super cool!! I am headed right to your blog as soon as I do my workout!!

  5. i like this variation of leopard for the summer, kind of ironic with a name snow leopard ha ha

  6. Breet, so true, that is ironic!