She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Sunday, July 22, 2012

OOTD-Sea Nettle Blazer

I haven't been to Anthropologie in months! I mean months! I haven't followed their styles in over a year really. It's just too much to keep up with and I've been loving my CAbi. Well Friday night we went to the town where I shop Anthro for a yogurt and nice summer evening out. I ran into Anthro and remembered instantly why I love it so much - it's just so unique. Case in point, this blazer by Daughters of the Liberation. It is tailored so nicely and from a glance, just looks patterned- but when you look closer- it's got little sea animals all over it -fish, turtles, jellyfish (or sea nettles) - LOVE it! I got it on sale for $40 a steal at Anthro. I texted my friend Debra and she named the piece for me so I could look it up line. I plan to wear it to work tomorrow over a navy dress!

Shirt: Land's End Canvas
Skirt: Ross
Blazer: Anthropologie Daughters of the Liberation Sea Nettle Blazer
Shoes: Payless Zoe & Zac line



  1. You are getting all these cute clothes!!! I think there is a trend going on Peggy.

  2. Awesome bargain and I adore that skirt!

  3. super cute blazer and you are right, a steal!