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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Such Luck!

I had a pair of low boots on my fall wish list. When I am out and about doing other errands, I take a gander at the shoe department at Target, or at Marshalls or Ross. Tonight my son was begging me for some ice cream! I did NOT want to go - I was tired and it was getting late......but he was really persistent, so off we went.

The grocery is right by Ross so I said I wanted to take a quick look - and these Corso Como beauties were there! I think they were sized wrong because they say 8, but they fit me and I'm a true 9. They are all leather with a leather sole. Guess what they cost? $17!!! I saw them online for $189! They scream Anthro to me! Can't wait to sport them with a cute dress.

Also found this Steve Madden belt- reminded me of Anthropologie's Looping Lanes belt from a few years back!


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