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Monday, February 18, 2008

Eating from the Pantry Update 3!

Tonight I made a store run - we were out of eggs (which I eat a lot of!) and milk and since I had 3 $20 Safeway Catalinas - I thought I'd get a few other items.  I got:

1 gallon Organic Milk $6
1 96 oz OJ $5
1/2 pound no preservative chicken breast from deli $4
2 pounds of grapes $3
2 packs of Organic steak marked down 50% - $6
2 boxes Simple Harvest granola bars (after b1g1 and $1 coupons- $1.14 each)
2 dozen Egglands Best -around $6.50

I had my free cash left from last week and I used a $20 catalina- so essentially, these groceries cost me nothing.  And, believe it or not- I was given another $5 Catalina left by an earlier customer!  The blessings from this Safeway Rally just keep pouring in..........I have $45 remaining in Safeway Catalinas and $12 cash.  


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