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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exercise part 3

I've posted about how I started out with exercise, and how I really went gung-ho with exercise and now I am to the point where it is simply part of my daily life.  I do it to be healthy, to feel good, to clear my mind, to be strong.  At one stage of the process, I got way to obsessed with how I looked.  I was never happy, constantly comparing myself to the next person - and beating myself up if I did not look as good.  It was pointless and somewhere along the way, I became happy with myself and my accomplishments and I wanted to exercise for the health benefits it brings.  My very favorite thing to do is walk in the fresh air!  It does much more than just help my body, it calms my mind.  

I also enjoy strength training on my Total Gym (bought on Black Friday for $190) and doing Pilates on my Supreme Pilates machine (purchased new in box from for around $150).  If you are wanting to begin an exercise program, I could not recommend walking more!  Anyone can do it, you don't need fancy equipment and it brings results!  Even after all the workouts I was doing, when I began daily walking, I shaved more inches off my abdomen, hips and thighs - it has a very lean, slimming effect.  


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