She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Friday, February 22, 2008

Safeway Rally Chili!

Well, I've gotten so many  free things during the Safeway Rally promo that I am renaming my chili - Safeway Rally Chili!  With the exception of the mongo expensive grass-fed ground beef ($5.49 lb) in the chili, the other ingredients were free compliments of my new BFF Safeway!  My friend Kim had given me some chili this week that was so tasty and it had black beans and small white beans - also corn.  So I subbed my usual pinto beans in my chili for the black beans and white beans I got this week - and I added one can of corn - oh yuuumm!  We all ate seconds and the pot is gone!  No leftovers tonight.  So, if you have to invest major $$ in your organic, cage-free, grass-fed, non GMO, no pesticide, no hormone, no antibiotic everything else on your grocery list - at least it's a comfort to partake in these fun Safeway promos!!  


  1. LOL did you really walk 40 miles on Feb. 18th?

    I really need to start shopping at Safeway!!

    :o) Rachel (linked over from MoneySavingMom, I think :o))

  2. LOL! Oh boy - that was a tiring one! NO!! I did not walk 40 miles - I am silly. I meant 40 minutes! I tried to click to your blog but it won't let me in! Thanks for the laugh tonight!!