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Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is an AMAZING new product!

Wowzers!  I'm glad I had to make a Costco run today because I just found my new favorite product of the decade - Batter Blaster!  I have seen these in the store before to the tune of $7 a can, so I ignored them thinking they were merely junk like Cheese Whiz.  Well, I'm not saying they are a "health" food you should eat every day for it's great nutrition, but I have to hand it to the inventor -he did an awesome job!  

Usually I make whole grain pancakes by grinding my own whole wheat, then soaking the flour, then cooking - let's just say it's a process and when you have one kid who requests pancakes every day of his life (not saying he gets them) this new little handy-dandy Batter Blaster will sure help this mom out!  

I just tried them - they are seriously DELICIOUS - not kidding!  Oh yumm, it's like a cookie!  This product is organic, has only 112 calories per serving, low in sodium, 2 grams fiber and 7 sugars (they are tasty enough to eat without syrup even but organic syrup is great)!  
The Batter Blaster is powered by CO2, not nitrous oxide (so it's more ozone friendly).  
Too bad I found this on the heels of my new "eat less grains and carbs" resolution!  I may have to break it once a week or so for these yummies!  Costco sells 3 cans for $9.99.  


  1. Peggy,

    Do whole wheat pancakes keep as well as regular? I've made pancakes the night before, or at lunchtime, whenever I have more energy than first thing in the morning, then reheated them for the kids the next day or two. Saves a lot of time and trouble!

  2. I tried these and did not like them. If you were near me i'd give you the 1/2 of can i have left in the fridge. I didn't think the can made much either.
    I'm glad you like them though.
    take care,

  3. That is really cool, I love pancakes but hate making a big batch that doesn't get eaten.