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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Super Saving at Safeway!

The fun continues!  I had no idea the Safeway Rally Promo was going to go on this week -surprise! These pictures show you what I was able to get for next to nothing!  

First picture - cost me $.08 - that's right - $.08!!  I first bought the 15 Snapple Green Teas/White Teas and 1 bag of Sunflower Seeds - after my $20 catalina I owed $.49.  That was a 98% savings!  That then generated another $10 catalina - so I bought some treats - V8 Juice, Fruit Bars, Ice Cream Bars and they owed me $.41!  So, that's how I arrive at my $.08 shopping trip!  I'm starting to feel like those CVS ladies!  

Thanks to a tip from Melanie over at Money Saving Mom, I saw the S&W beans qualified for the promo, so off I went tonight.  I had 1 $20 catalina and 1 $5 catalina left!  This has sure been a fun ride, I hate to see it end!  I just might have to spend another $25 to get back in the game!  I bought 25 cans of assorted S&W beans - total $25- less $20 catalina - I owed $5 (and I used $5 from my free money that was left from last week so basically free to me.)

Next order I just got tons of veggies and things we needed like good turkey breast for sandwiches - had good produce coupons (Fresh Express, Chiquita)- after coupons, sales and $20 catalina I owed - $14.17!  I used my very last $5 bill from my free money - so I was out $10 for the bigger picture!  Whooo-hoo!  The Safeway game is my new hobby!  I have one $5 catalina left.

On another note - I went to Whole Foods and spent $47 (0rganic greens for my smoothies, kefir I'm going to try and some supplements) and I got grass-fed beef at another store to the tune of $20 - so I have to add $80 total to my budget for this month - however, I am still at 1/2 of what I had been spending, so this is working!   And I will use the leftover $$ for some of our remodel we've been working on!


  1. It is so fun to see what others get during the Safeway promo. Great job! I am really getting into it too!

  2. Amazing Peggy! We don't have a Safeway here, darn it!

  3. Wow! I wish we had a Safeway :(, but I suppose CVS makes up for it!

  4. I am surprised that it generates another catalina when you only pay a few cents. I guess it is totally based on # of items purchased. (You know how sometimes it is based on purchase amount instead.) I went to Safeway today and bought some things I needed and ended up with a $20 catalina. Now I am wondering if I should keep going back. Once you've done your initial trip, you can go additional times for almost free.

    Our beans are on sale for .88/can so if I buy 25 of them, the total would be $22. I could use my catalina and only pay $2 and then it would generate another $20 catalina. Could that be right?

    I am new to this so I am just wondering if I should head back to the store!