She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Changes taking place.........

Well, I'm always on to some "health" kick as they say! This week, I'm working on replacing my plastics with glass! I will never heat in plastic in the micro again and I'm even moving away from using the micro to heat at all (but that's another story!)

I got these Pyrex dishes at Target pretty cheap and they come with lids (plastic of course, but the food doesn't touch them and I won't heat with them.) You can use them in the freezer, oven, micro and dishwasher. I feel like my fridge is starting to look like my mother's. She always put leftovers in glass. She has been right about a lot of things the "experts" are just finding out!

Also in the background of the picture you can see my trusty Vita-mix which we still love and use daily for our smoothies (Green Smoothie, Hot Pink Smoothie, Kefir Smoothies for the kids).

I also have made the switch to coconut oil! I am a bit leary about it! I've read so much great info on it, yet I can't wrap my mind around the saturated fat thing. I'm hoping the research I've read proves accurate. We will see after DH's cholesterol tests! I'm still hoping to read The Coconut Oil Miracle.

I also got some Ghee (clarified butter) to use in cooking. I use it sparingly, but it tastes great and melts wonderfully for cooking. I'm simply trying to use moderate amounts of REAL food instead of ample amounts of fake (margarine, spreads, smart balance).


  1. I have been slowly switching over to glass as well. We also use coconut oil, and have found it is fantastic when used to make popcorn!

  2. Hi Beckster - do you use the coconut oil on the popcorn when it's done - or do you use it to make it on the stove? Sounds great! I bought an air popper to make popcorn healthier. I wish I could find a way to "jazz" it up without butter because we eat it so often.