She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The downward spiral of junk food

Recently some of my family came to visit and when you are sightseeing and in a rush, you grab fast food!  Well, for me it's a downward spiral.  It's just much better if I never get started on these type foods, because having one just feeds my craving for more!  I often wonder if there is really "something" in these foods (a chemcial perhaps) that makes your body want more and more of it.  We had burgers, pizza, soda and things like ice cream and candy bars!  Ackkkk!  I'm in my own self-created nightmare!  All the things I try so hard to stay away from and usually make me sick (seriously they do - headaches, stomachaches, heart palpitations) were "eased" back into my diet.  I think if you get enough of it back into your system, your body doesn't react so badly to it, thus making it easier to just keep eating this way.  

Well, today is detox day #1 and back to the grind. I woke up and took a 2 mile walk followed by my Hot Pink Smoothie.  Lunch today will be a Green Smoothie then a sensible dinner of whole foods.  It will be a hard week because I will be craving "just a little treat" after each meal, but I WILL resist and get back to feeling GOOD and nourished with whole foods.  I told my kids it won't be easy, but it has to be done!  It's just so much easier NOT to get started down that road.......