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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My first converts! (To Green Smoothies that is....)

I get excited about nutrition!  I am loving our green smoothie lifestyle!  I am happy to share about it with any who want to know!  

Sooooooo, my brother and his family came to visit us and they had a GREAT reaction to the green smoothies!  He likes them very much, his 12 year old daughter loves them, his wife is willing to drink them and his 8 year old daughter was kind enough to indulge her favorite aunt (hahaha Jackie) and try them.  She says perhaps in time she will grow to like them too (she has an aversion to seedy things, so maybe some playing around with the recipe will yield a smoothie she likes better.)  

Anyhow, my 12 year old niece is going to be in charge of the daily green smoothie, so I'm hoping to have her be a "guest writer" on my blog in a few weeks to tell of the benefits she sees in being "Green"!  

I have a Vitamix and my brother ordered a Blendtec (I want one too!!) so we will see how they like it's features compared to the Vitamix.  If I was independently wealthy, I'd buy it too just for fun!  


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