She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Monday, April 21, 2008

I finally found the secret!

I have been trying one recipe after another for soaked pancakes (soaking in an acid medium to break down phytates).  They tasted good, but always came out mush in the middle.  Well, with some more internet searching, I found out the secret was to cook them in a pan with the lid on, so they kind of get "baked".  It worked!  I used my stainless steel electric skillet with the lid on and they were so good I ate 3 with organic butter and organic maple syrup!!!  I'm so happy I finally figured this one out!


  1. okay so I hope you see this...I never know if people will read old blog comments. Anyhoo...I just thought I would up date you on the healthy habits of our family!! First off...not that it is that healthy...but it is better...Em is totally addicted to the batter blaster pancakes! I bought one can at Whole Foods and she went through it in a week (2 cakes every morning before school!) so I went back to WF the next week and bought 3 CANS!! I tried them this past Sat. and they really are good!!
    Now...we are doing the green smoothies!! We have pretty much had them every day without fail! Yesterday as I was half way through making them I realized I was out of mixed I made them anyway...boy were they green...but still good! KK didn't eat hers though...I think the color had something to do with it! I took one to John and he loved it! So needless to say we are transforming! At least in the green smoothie area! I haven't quite turned organic yet!! We did have organic spag. sauce last week and nobody even noticed! So little by little it is getting healthier in the Board house!! Thanks to Aunt Peg!!