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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keeping Your Money May and Making Homemade

I'm up later than I want to be working on home-made foods for the family! This is what happens when you can't just spend money on the pre-made, nifty foods at the store! Here is my granola that I love so much - got the recipe from Robyn at Green Smoothie Girl in my 12 Steps to Whole Foods book. It's soooo delicious! I had been buying the Trader Joe's Gluten Free Granola like a mad dog, but at $3.49 for like a 10 oz. bag, it wasn't getting it for May. We eat this for cereal and for snacks or on top yogurt or Sambazon Acai Bowls!
I'm also working on steel-cut oats for my husband as he eats these every other morning. I was buying the Trader Joe's pre-made ones - 2 for $1.59, but this is much, much cheaper. I make up a big pot with several servings, then we can just reheat them as we need them. I've been buying THESE ONES so I can partake too, gluten-free!

I'm also cooking up some short grain rice- my favorite one is Lundberg - so I can have Bethenny's Brown Rice Breakfast some mornings. It's sooo good and gluten-free!

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  1. So, would you say that the 12 Steps to Whole Foods is worth the expense for someone who has read a LOT about whole foods and owns/checks out whole food cookbooks? :)