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Saturday, May 15, 2010

OOTD- Saturday Soccer Mom!

Headed to the soccer game of my girl! It's a cold one out today! This is an outfit where I believe less is more. The pattern of the shirt has interest enough on it's own.

Shirt: Simply Vera Wang Kohls
Jeans: Liz C. Wide Leg Trouser
Shoes: Ariat
Coat: Billabong
I got this Billabong coat - which is standard high fashion for my area because of living on the coast - EVERYONE wears Billabong, Roxy and other fashion "surfer" wear! This is a sweatshirt material, super thick and warm, but much cuter tailoring than a standard "hoodie"! Anyhow, these sell for about $80, and I got mine at Ross for $24!! This will serve me for many a soccer game!
Gotta have my Ariat's to navigate the soccer field in the cold. No sandals today or frozen toes!

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