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Monday, January 3, 2011

100 Miles in 1 Month

Going along on my little quest for 100 miles in 1 month, it's day 3!! I must say today I was a bit sore. I was trying to make up for my lazy Sunday so I did 5.25 miles this morning. This is what I saw along my way- makes it way easier to get out and workout! You can see my monthly stats on the right sidebar. I love the SportyPal application on my phone that tracks my workouts.
While I'm on a roll of exercise, might as well down a Green Lemonade! Start the day right! I need all the energy I can get to get these Christmas decorations down!

Here is a page from The Best of Raw Food on The Importance of Greens from David Wolfe. I don't subscribe to a 100% raw diet, but I do see the need for an increase of raw, live foods in the everyday diet.


  1. i miss my walks. i'll have to go sometime

  2. I can't walk here it's too cold (I have to stop from Dec to Feb) and I miss it sooooo much. I ussually juice wheat grass, it tastes gross but it's good for you. What is in your lemonade???

  3. Good for you. If I had a view like that I'd be very motivated to do 100 miles!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh girl, you're a brave one to be drinking that green stuff! =) Keep up the great're rocking it!

  5. I bought these little glasses on Christmas Eve as "celebration glasses". My kids love them!