She Hath Done What She Could in the Home

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A healthy dinner and a throwback game!

Tonight I made Chickpea Soup for dinner. This was a new recipe to me and it was delicious. Perfect for a cold evening. It had chickpeas, sweet potatoes, green beans, mixed veggies, garlic, onions and spices that gave it a good flavor. We had crackers on the side. As you can see, I got my Christmas tablecloth removed and promptly replaced it with a Valentine's one! Every one of my kids gobbled up their dinner. I'm so pleased they will eat healthy foods happily.
Then after dinner, we took time to play a Christmas present from Gma, one of my old favs- TiddlyWinks! It was their first time playing it and we had fun getting the hang of it. On one round I scored 140! Yea me! Memories. I can remember asking my mom to play this with me on occasion when I was little. That and pick-up-sticks!
My kids are growing so fast. We can't even shop in the kids clothing sizes any more - Maggie wears more of an xs in juniors and the boys aren't far behind (they size boys clothes different from girls). None of them wear shoes from the kids section anymore. Oh wah..........where are my 3 sweet Gymboree kids matching from head to toe, and matching each other? I want my babies back.

I remember a time, not long ago when I was pushing my cart through the grocery store. I had my oldest in the cart seat, one twin on my back in a backpack and one in a Bjorn on the front. It was quite a feat to even strap them all on to get some food! As I was picking out my produce, a sweet little older lady said to me "Enjoy them now, before you know it they will be grown." How much time do I have left to be with and influence my "babies"?


  1. I get sad thinking about how quickly the kiddos in my own family have grown up. By the time I have my own they will be so smothered :)

  2. We have so much more time because they are home with us!! I feel the same way, I was a Gymboree addict also! My oldest is in a 14/16 and she loves shopping in Justice! My son can care less, but he is a mans small or 18 Young men! (He is very tall for his age!) The problem I find as they older is trying to find modest clothing, everything is so short! By the way, the soup looks so yummy!