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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Juice Fast Experience!

On Saturday, I embarked on a 7 day juice fast (or feast as some people call it). I am crazy about Jason Vale, The Juice Master and I love my new Juicer. Even though I juice daily and blend the Green Smoothie, I have never tried something as "radical" as this! I wasn't concerned about losing weight, I was trying to "reboot" my system and stop my sugar cravings!

The book is well written and super easy to follow. He gives you a shopping list, recipes and days 1-7 laid out for every meal and snack. Every recipe was delicious! I never felt hungry, or never got headaches. I felt good the entire 4 days and after day 2, had lots of energy. Days 1 and 2 I still wanted to eat and smelling and seeing food was hard, but do-able.

Last night however, I started to get very lightheaded and weak and didn't sleep well at all. So, I am listening to my body and easing my way back into eating today. I had hoped to make the 7 days, but I think it's more important to listen to my body!

I have lost 7 pounds in 4 days (though some of that may be due to my getting back to regular exercise in the last month). I plan to continue healthy eating and hopefully resist the deserts more often so I can maintain the loss!

I hope to incorporate my juice for breakfast, then eat a healthy lunch and dinner. I do believe juice fasting is profitable for the digestive system as well as a tool for anti-aging, and I like the idea of doing a 24 hour juice fast periodically to give your system a rest. I've read of one where you juice for dinner, get up, juice breakfast and lunch, then go back to light dinner- so 8 of those 24 hours you would be sleeping - makes it easier!


  1. That 24 hour idea of juicing first for dinner then sleeping is really genius.

    I'm glad you're listening to your body and not forcing yourself to make it the seven days if it's just not good for you. The point is to be healthier, like you said, and you're doing that.

  2. I have really been thinking about trying this out! I really like the idea of cleansing the system I need to try it out!

  3. Thanks for the packed you emailed me. I started yesterday, and feel great. I needed your reminder of all the health benefits of home juicing. I have been buying the whole juices, but they are so much more powerful at home.

  4. Mel -isn't it?? So funny my sister was reading my mom's Vidal Sasson health and beauty book last night and it recommended the 1 day fast!

    Tricia - I think it's totally worth it for a cleanse now and then. Really helps the body function more optimally.

    Debra - we are on the same wavelength lady - I was texting you as you were sending this!!

  5. I really like the 24 hour idea AND I really like the idea that you listended to your body - so often when you read about these it seems like people do fasts for the wrong reasons but your beliefs sound totally healthy! :)

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