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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OOTD- Outfit One!

My morning didn't start out so great- I made my Green Lemonade, nice and fresh, and started to unload the dishwasher. Whoops- entire glass of Green Lemonade knocked into clean dishes in dishwasher! So had to rewash the dishes and no healthy breakfast for I just had this instead...A Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich (don't look at me, my sister taught me this bad habit - oh wait, it is good fat and protein and eaten on GF bread!) and my Starbucks coffee! I will juice at lunch!
On a good note, I am already this far along on supper at 11 am! This is Black Bean Soup and smelled delicious while it was cooking.
I also got up early and kept to getting in my miles in February - walked 2 glorious miles and saw this hawk..........
And this crow........
And listened to THIS.

Here is my 1st outfit of 30!

Dress: Tucker for Target Butterfly Chemise
Cardi: Plaza Cardi knockoff from ROSS
Belt: Old Navy
Boots: Target Kachiri
Owl Jewelry: Kohls Access
plaza with number

Details of owl jewelry!
Silly Kids!


  1. Oh my heavens, I love that outfit! I love the length of the cardi with that dress! The socks with the boots are so fun, I wish I had the pieces to try that. You always look great in them.

  2. What a cute cardigan! I think I saw someone else wear this, and I loved it! Breakfast at Gigis maybe?
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Great outfit, I can't wait to see what you come up with for the other 29 days! Mmm, that sandwhich looks wonderful.....I will have to try it and soon!

  4. that stinks about knocking your juice into clean dishes :(

    that breakfast sounds sinful and yummy. I enjoy PB and banana on whole grain toast every morning and find it to be very satisfying until lunch.

    The cardi is a great length for that dress. Very cute.

  5. Wonderful outfit! It looks so good with the boots and belt on the outside!! I have always wondered if Nutella is good...but I was sorry to hear about the mess..that is the world I live in!

    Come on over to my site and register to win my Vintage Inspired Contest...the pin would look great on you!!

  6. Peegy, congrats on meeting your exercise goal!!! Keep up the good work. Great all the lovely details, ruffles, belt and jewelry. Very Patinalicious, as Gigi would say.

  7. You look so cute and I LOVE your sweater. The peanut butter cup sandwich looks good. Love the scenery and the water pics!!

  8. Fantastic outfit to kick of 30x30! I love the ruffle details on that sweater. I also love nutella...yum I'm craving some right now.

  9. LOVE THE OUTFIT!! And I agree with the comment you left me. I think that we could possibly have been twins separated at birth, except that you drink green shakes for breakfast and I make Spam Fried Rice :) But every family has one of each I guess.

  10. OWLS!!!!! I love that cardi!!

  11. Hmm yum, peanut butter on bread is always good. Peanut butter by the spoonful is even better :-)
    That is a lovely cardi, the ruffly/rosette edge is gorgeous.

  12. love this! the size of the ruffle on the cardigan pairs so nicely with the scale of the dress print. and the colors? phenom! you look fabulous.

  13. That hawk is so pretty. I love seeing them out and about. Outfit one is a stunner! I love that cardigan. And the dress. And the boots. I love it all.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  14. Great outfit!! I adore your owl jewelry :)

  15. Really, really love this outfit - so beautiful! And that shot of your kids makes me smile - so carefree and happY!

  16. Your replacement breakfast is making me hungry. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. The proportions and the colors are gorgeous.