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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Lavender Icing and a Curated Knock-off

I have THE sweetest friends! Ever! Look what Chicka-San brought for me to church tonight? Can you even believe this delicious combo -Red Velvet cupcakes with Lavender Icing? Oh they were so delicious and GLUTEN-FREE! Last week she asked me for some of my gluten-free flour and she tricked out her recipe to make me these special cupcakes. I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness and efforts.
And no joke- this photo is from Anthro, but I saw a tee at ROSS today that was an exact replica- so keep your eyes out!!
Edit to say - I found the ROSS shirt online - it's from Nordstrom, designer, Olivia Moon, and sells for $44. It was $12 at ROSS.


  1. Those cupcakes... Two of my favorite things combined! Yum!

  2. My fav cupcake. The shirt is so cute. Did you all have a fun day? Did you find your shoes?

  3. You are the Ross junkie. You keep your eye out for me. LOL.
    How sweet to have a friend bring you gluten-free cupcakes!

  4. So many times I have been able to copy an expensive trend at Ross for 75% of the original cost...I have done this more for my daughter than me...but it is always wise to check Ross first if there is one in your area.

  5. Red Velvet is one of my favorites--YUM!!! I will definitely keep my eyes open for that top at Ross.