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Monday, April 11, 2011

OOTD- Faceted Skirt

I found this little number at Anthro this weekend while spending my birthday gift card from my friend V!

I got this Floreat Faceted Skirt and a Bayla Jane silk blouse and I had to pay a whopping $2.17!! That's $1.08 per item! Love that!
(Retail on these 2 items is $256!)

Definition of Faceted:
having facets; "a faceted diamond"
Having a number of flat sides, as opposed to a continuous round contour
So I guess this skirt fits the definition!

I think I will get many wearings out of this piece, making it "multifaceted"!

Wearing it with this simple black tee, almost makes it seem like a dress!

Shirt: Ross
Skirt: Anthropologie Faceted Skirt
Cardi: NY&Co.
Shoes: Report via Ross
Earrings: Kohls

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Today husband and I took a lovely walk, to a lookout point and read our chapter for the book club we host on Monday nights. Combining exercise of the body with exercise of the mind! It was a lovely spot to stop and take a read!


  1. I love this skirt on you. The print is so fabulous, and the price tag? Nice! How did you even get any reading in? That view....I wouldn't be able to take my mind off it!

  2. That skirt is such an awesome steal!!!

  3. SO much love for the skirt! Wow. Especially at that price!

  4. Totally thought it was a dress - very pretty.

  5. That is a fun skirt. And it looks like it twirls. I think I would twirl in it a lot. :)

  6. That skirt is adorable on you - I can't believe you practically got it for free!!!

  7. I think at this point I've forgotten HOW to read. :)

    You look lovely! What great deals you scored. That skirt is really fantastic on you.

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  8. I love that skirt and the way it does look like a dress with the T. How cool that you and your hubby host a book club together!

  9. love it. you look like a modern day gypsy. and i want to join your book club if it mean i can read where you read!

  10. haha - you are so funny, a gypsy! One day I was in Safeway and the clerk said - You look great today. Like a gypsy! I think I had on a really colorful, statement type necklace! haha