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Thursday, May 13, 2010

CSA and Outfit of the Day!

Yeah! Our first CSA box arrived today! It's from a local organic farm and we are trying the Fast Fruit and Veg box for starters. Everything in it looks beautiful! It was $25 for this small box though, so I'm not sure I can keep it up. I can still get better deals on organic by doing the "leg work" myself. Doesn't it look pretty?
Here are my first batch of soaked, sprouted almonds, almost ready to take out of the dehydrator! To learn why it's so important to spout your almonds prior to eating, read HERE. In fact, eating them the wrong way can even deplete your body of needed vitamins and minerals. It's vitally important that the almonds are raw and not pasteurized for the enzyme releasing process of soaking to work. In addition to spouting them, I then dehydrate them for on-the- go healthy snacks.
I used some of my CSA goodies to create my Hot Pink Smoothie. These goodies + frozen strawberries turns into...............
THIS body-fueling, life-giving shake!

And another nautical OOTD! I found this little shirt at Ross and I was drawn to it because of the nautical colors, the asymmetrical lines and the contrast stitching and buttons. It was $7.99.

Shoes from JCPenney last year. I was trying to re-create a pair of shoes NieNie wore on her blog which I'm sure were from Anthropologie! I love ankle straps. I had a pair in 6th grade I wore every-single-day!
Acting silly with my photographer, JS!
The artistic pose!


  1. Cute!!! That fresh produce makes me hungry!! I will have to read more on the almond thing I have never heard of that... time to investigate! I love those shoes.

  2. I didn't know you're supposed to sprout almonds. I made some fruit smoothies for my girls today and added some toasted wheat germ for extra nutrition.

    I really like that top and what a deal from Ross. I love navy paired with red. ;-)